Disinfectant Wipes

Stay on top of the demand for disinfectant wipes with the help of Old South Trading Co. LLC. We are a medical supply distribution company that offers high-quality products, same-day shipping and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Whether you are looking to shop wholesale for your medical facility, school, or office or you just need to buy a single case of wipes, we have the products you’re looking for.

Disinfectant Wipes

Old South Trading Co. LLC is pleased to offer a wide range of disinfectant wipes to meet the needs of our customers. We supply hospital systems, medical offices, government offices, industrial corporations, and procurement departments across the country with disinfectant wipes and vital medical supplies. We look forward to meeting your needs and exceeding the expectations of you and your organization as well.

We fill deficits in the distribution supply chain by providing our customers with on-time and reliable delivery of our quality products. We leverage relationships by filling gaps and providing excellent customer service.

If you’re looking for a medical supply distributor to ensure you have disinfectant wipes readily stocked and available, place your order on our website today. We ship orders daily and offer free shipping on all online orders.

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If you're needing to buy in bulk, we offer quantity discounts on our products to help you save!