Old South Trading: The Finer Things on a Budget

Old South Trading: The Finer Things on a Budget

Hey y’all,

I’m Katie. I left the corporate world over two years ago and joined the OST fam as the Director of Customer Service, and haven’t looked back since. On my first day at OST, I was introduced to our disinfectant wipes. My life as I knew it, would never be the same. Don’t laugh. These wipes are legit. Hear me out...

A little background about me. I’m an impatient millennial who thrives off the finer things in life, on a budget. Quite often, I find myself asking another question before someone can answer the first one. I appreciate aesthetics and quality. I know what I like, but I’m also open-minded and love finding new things and products to add to my daily routine.

I recently went on a girl’s trip and we all spent the weekend sharing our favorite recipes and products we can’t live without. After numerous “send me the links”: it hit me. I had a brilliant idea (insert several pats on the back)! The next time we get together, we should all share our “Top Ten List." Right away, I knew what my number 1 “thing” would be Old South Trading Disinfectant Wipes.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. These wipes have saved the day for me time and time again. What do I use them for? The limits are endless. I keep a pack on standby in my car, pool bag, and suitcase. Wiping down the hotel TV remote is crucial! I used them today to wipe the gunk off of my hair straightener. Who knew?!? I truly enjoy cleaning my shoe soles with these wipes weekly. The satisfaction I feel bringing shoes back to life and wiping away the mud and grime is the best (insert chef’s kiss emoji). If you are friends or family with me, I’ve thrown these wipes in as a gift for you. You’re welcome. I know something luxurious when I see it and I hope your lives have been bettered because of this. Just trust me. Buy the wipes!